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The cc-TDI Mission

The Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute (cc-tdi.org) is a non-profit research lab created with the laser-focused mission to make all childhood cancers universally survivable by delivering new treatments to clinical trials through scientific discovery. This video is the reimagination of Eva’s 14 year old sister, Isabel, in Australia.

Calleigh explains the cc-TDI Junior Board

Calleigh details her plans for the cc-TDI junior board. 

DIPG Congressional Hearing

The importance of H. Res 114

Our Mission: By Isabel

15 year old Isabel Wheatley’s mission, in memory of her sister Eva

In the News with Natali Marmion

Our sincere thanks to Natali Marmion and filmographer Judd Girard for this on-site interview about cc-TDI and our mission to make all childhood cancers universally survivable!

The cc-TDI Nanocourse

We have reimagined how childhood cancer treatments get developed. Our 501c3 biotech has moved basic science discovery into THREE national clincal trials for children with cancer in the first 33 months of our millennial-driven startup.

Historically, 12 or more effective drugs are developed and earn FDA approval for adult cancer – every year. For childhood cancer, only 6 drugs developed for childhood cancer have earned FDA approval *since 1978*. Our goal is to move 5 drugs into national clinical trials for children with cancer every year.

The cc-TDI Nanocourse Family Viewpoint

We hear from the families about the nanocourse at cc-TDI.

Andy's Mission

Andy is a dad on a mission to find a cure in the lab for his daughter Stella’s type of cancer.

For Fun: Robert vs SciClone

Our sincere thanks to the anonymous donors who made this 200-fold increased speed of childhood cancer drug discovery possible!

For Fun: A Totally Tubular Grant Request (for ALSF)

At cc-TDI.org, we recently lucked into a $200,000+ robot for drug discovery: 300x faster than our best scientist! All we need to accelerate drug discovery is a new set of specialized microfluidics tubing! Thank you for considering this, ALSF!