Help us make childhood cancer universally survivable.

By giving monthly, you directly support our continued research into discovering effective and less toxic treatments for childhood cancer.

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Our team of scientists and engineers are on a mission...

We are a nonprofit biotech lab on a mission to make childhood cancer universally survivable. Every year, the FDA approves on average 12 drugs to treat adult cancer, but has only approved 6 drugs to treat childhood cancer since 1978. We believe it’s time to do better. 

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start up founder

Friends of the Lab: cc-TDI co-founder Matthew Svalina takes a walk down memory lane

“The Start-up” holds an almost mythological significance in American life. But, a start-up isn’t always glamorous; rather, it’s quite the opposite. Behind the scenes, start-ups are lot of hard work and a good deal of risk. The cc-TDI officially started the first week of the new year, 2015. When I stood in our new (empty) start-up incubator space filled with unpacked boxes, I realized I had taken a lot for granted in our previous lab space. We used to have the equipment and reagents for our experiments and collaborators to troubleshoot with at the ready.

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Current Research Projects

A dedicated research team

Our research team is exploring and testing state-of-the-art treatment options for the most urgent issues facing children with cancer. 

Working in our own freestanding research institution allows us to act swiftly and nimbly to achieve results—bringing cost control, speed, purpose, and focus to translate effective treatments into the clinic. To get there, we perform basic science and translational research in our industrial modern lab site (a paint factory remodeled by Nike as an off-site creative space), adjacent to the Silicon Forest in Oregon.

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