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The Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute plans to initiate five, de-risked clinical trails every year. Your gift will enable us to grow at the rate we need to achieve our ambitious but critical goal.

Invest In Our Mission

In order to accelerate pediatric cancer drug development, cc-TDI needs state-of-the-art equipment and technology

Start an honor fund (any amount)

Every Dollar Counts

Honor a cancer fighter by creating your own, personalized fundraising page. Tell your heroic story and every dollar will benefit innovative research that aims to initiate clinical trials for childhood cancer.

Spark Gift: any amount up to $5,000

Spark the fire on our mission!

These ‘spark’ gifts will go to propelling our laboratory towards new discoveries…and a new way of doing research in partnership with the community and families.  The members of our community are truly partners in our shared mission and we encourage them to participate by visiting the lab, signing up for our nanocourses, and by becoming a partner in the important research we do.

Surge Gift: $5,000 - 25,000

Accelerate our start.

These critically-enabling gifts will go to enhancing our laboratory space, key operational elements, as well as tools for bi-directional communication with families, who are our constituency. Join us and be acknowledged by an engraved tile on our Founder Circle Wall, as well acknowledgment on our website.

Evolutionary Gift: $25,000 - $250,000

Stimulate our pace.

These gifts will help us to prioritize efficiency and engage in innovative and unique collaborations and partnerships that create significant hope for the families. Support our mission through this funding opportunity and join us for a day in the lab, as well as a plaque in the “front office” announcing your support.

Transformative Gift: $250,000 and up

Revolutionize our impact.

These gifts will help us expand our efforts, hire more scientific teams, explore types of cancer that have seen little to no advancement in decades and, ultimately, achieve our lofty but achievable mission of making all forms of childhood cancer universally survivable.

Invest In Our Technology

In order to accelerate pediatric cancer drug development, cc-TDI needs state-of-the-art equipment and technology

Drug Combination Printer $65,000


*Reduces drug development time by months.

This micro-volume drug testing instrument created by HP would allow us to look for synergy between novel classes of non-chemotherapy and molecularly-targeted drugs in seconds. This technology reduces drug development time by months and is our highest priority.

4-Dimensional Thinking: $18,000

Increased understanding of what drugs do.

With this Zeiss-powered ArrayScan VTI High Content Screening instrument we can study 4 processes in a tumor cell at once when exposed to a battery of drugs, and we can study a dozen or more childhood tumor types every day. We can even observe the effects in real time over a period of days! This instrument normally costs $250,000, but cc-TDI was able to obtain one from a pharmaceutical partner and, with your gift, can re-tool it to accelerate drug discoveries for childhood cancer.

Confocal Microscope: $240,000

Would be used 6-8 times per day

Understanding tumor biology requires observations of how cancer cells interact and co-op their microenvironment of normal cells and connective tissue. To know that a new therapy has promise, these tumor cell-tissue interactions can be viewed in real time using a specialized, highly sensitive 4-laser microscope.

Cancer Blueprinting: $25,000

Would allow us to see DNA by ultrasound

This specialized ultrasound for sheering DNA is an instrument that will be part of every single manuscript we publish! The body is like a mixing board at a AC/DC concert… every cell has 55,000 possible gene volume switches. How and what set of levels does a cancer cell choose? We can find out… if we probe for a gene and extract it for analysis (on-the-spot sequencing).

Cancer Blueprinting: $25,000

Would allow us to see DNA by ultrasound

This specialized ultrasound for sheering DNA is an instrument that will be part of every single manuscript we publish! The body is like a mixing board at a AC/DC concert… every cell has 55,000 possible gene volume switches. How and what set of levels does a cancer cell choose? We can find out… if we probe for a gene and extract it for analysis (on-the-spot sequencing).

Ultracentrifuge tech upgrade: $9,000

Would be used multiple times per day!

We have an ultracentrifuge purchase that, with an upgrade, can allow us to purify cancer proteins that we develop drugs against, manufacture viruses to kill cancer cells… the list goes on as to how many daily uses this multi-purpose instrument would have!

Accelerated Sharing & Collaboration under the Microscope! $30,000

Cancer CSI

A key aspect of all our preclinical studies is looking at the specialized cells in tumor tissue. This microscope-and-scanner facilitates the creation of shared data and deep-cutting analysis by our expert pathologist collaborators. Pathologists are like the CSI investigators of science… they are our most informative collaborators and research accelerators!

Clinical Trial Drug Qualification: $32,000

Results Now

This specialized microfluidic system will give researchers precise control over drug dosing of live tumor cells. Regulatory agencies (such as the National Cancer Institute) ask for simulations of tumor cell exposure that mimics the concentrations over time seen in human (adult) cancer patients. This instrument enables us to do these studies regularly and with precision. For example, this microfluidics system will greatly support the ongoing entinostat COG clinical trial concept.

Tracking Tumor Metastasis-in-a-Box: $140,000

Drug testing accuracy improves four-fold

Our genetically-engineered mouse models have tumor cells that harbor firefly luciferase and jellyfish fluorescent proteins. To enable us to see these bioluminescent and fluorescent signals, a piezo-electrically supercooled imaging system allows us to track our progress at developing drugs that stop or prevent tumor metastasis. This system would improve our drug-testing accuracy four-fold.

Give a mouse a home… $30,000

Critical to our translational research.

Our genetically-engineered mouse models of childhood cancer require specialized, pathogen-free housing and care. In this setting with the specialized equipment your gift makes possible, we can also develop new models – specifically, mice who help us define compounds that might convert primitive tumor cells to non-cancerous, well-differentiated cells by means of treatments that are added to (or replace) chemotherapy and radiation. For this naming opportunity, you will be recognized with a special engraved scroll at the entryway to our unique Kyoto-style mouse house.

EmbracingCollaboration: $8,000

Bridge the gap between researchers and families.

This naming opportunity for our conference area empowers us to have 2-way communication with our collaborators in the US and abroad, in academics and in pharma. The teleconferencing and presentation equipment will make a tremendously positive impact on the exchange of ideas, innovation and traction towards developing new treatments for childhood cancer.

Stopping the Invasion: $125,000

Understanding tumor cell invasion

Solid tumors move to new locations on the premise of a carrot or a stick: attracted to new growth factors, or seeking to replace depleted nutrients. These migrations affect how well a tumor can be surgically excised from its original location, or even whether a tumor’s treatment is primarily the removal from its original site – or whether the patient faces the challenge of tumor spread throughout the body. This real-time, live-cell imaging microscope allows us to understand the forces that control tumor cell invasion – and to test new therapies that can stop this process.

Natural Products Drug Library: $15,000

Thinking outside-the-box.

A high-risk, high-reward project approach to identifying natural products that inhibit tumor stem cells begins with the purchase from several sources of a library of natural plant hormones known to have effects on plant stem cells that control root growth, leaflet formation and flowering/fruiting.

Invest in our people

The scientists and engineers at cc-TDI are the life-blood of our mission…and the reason we have initiated 2 clinical trails in less than 2 years.

Travel Award for Trainees & Scientific Sharing: $10,000 for one year

This is an important aspect of what we do, because the sharing goes both directions and our trainees benefit immensely at such presentations by the discourse and suggestions of the scientists across the U.S. and beyond. A gift of $10,000 would allow 4 scientists or trainees selected by cc-TDI to present and exchange their findings at national scientific conferences.

Summer Student Research Internship: $2,500 for one year

You can create an opportunity for a bright young college or medical student to gain experience and inspiration through childhood cancer research. With your support, a high-achieving young person will conduct a carefully-designed set of experiments that relate to the biology and/or treatment of a childhood cancer. You will receive a personal letter reporting results. All projects are expected to go to publication, and you will be acknowledged for your contribution.

The Pediatric Cancer Nanocourse: $15,000 for one year

This is a bi-directional exchange whereby family members of childhood, adolescent and young adult cancer patients attend a one-week Summer course on cancer research. Attendees organize into teams who use what they learn to write a “roadmap” for their cancer of choice. An example is the paper, “A diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma roadmap: guiding research toward a cure” published by parents in 2014 (Pediatric Blood & Cancer. 2014 May;61(5):765-7). Your contribution will grant these self-pay attendees a $1000 stipend. Your gift also makes possible the honorarium to invite an outside childhood cancer research speaker.

Named, Endowed Chair in Childhood Cancer Research: $1.5 million

This legacy-level professorship supports the ongoing creativity of a hand-selected childhood cancer scientist through an enduring endowment. Typically, an endowment of this form affords the chosen professor the time and annual financial resources to take more creative approaches to discovery of novel new treatments.

Invest in our space

We currently operate out of a 4600 squarefoot laboratory in proximity to the Silicon Forest. You can help us maintain and grow our laboratory, ultimately, accelerating our mission to make all childhood cancers uniformly survivable.

Sponsor a Lab Bench: $5,000

Families are our inspiration – Children with cancer and their families are at the center of everything we do. Help us keep our inspiration at the forefront by sponsoring a lab benchin the name of a child or their siblings. We will create a plaque with apicture of the child or children being honored and visibly place it on one of our state-of-the art laboratory benches.

Named Research Laboratory: $2.5 million

The Laboratory for Childhood Cancer Therapy Discoverywill be named for your family or organization. Receive biannual updates, an annual presentation, as well as V.I.P. “be a scientist for a day” annual visits, transferrable to the child (or adult) of your choice.

Open Science Research Laboratory and Summit Center: $10 million

We envision an open science laboratory facility whereby scientists from across the globe come to define disease-specific research needs and partner in planning the specific basic science & preclinical studies that get promising new treatments to clinical trials for the children, adolescents and young adults with cancer. This open science “research ranch” will be in Oregon, with accommodations for visiting scientists and families, as well as a conference center. This state-of-the-art research facility and conference center will be the principal cc-TDI research site and a hub for the community – scientist collaboration and innovation.