Sam Day Foundation support for cc-TDI exceeds $275,000 in childhood cancer research!

Sam Day Foundation support for cc-TDI exceeds $275,000 in childhood cancer research!

We are tremendously grateful for the recently awarded $120,000 from the Sam Day Foundation for the CureFast research program (Cancer Registry for Familial and Sporadic Tumors).  CureFast creates progress for the rarest and most incurable forms of childhood cancer through cell line and mouse model development for the entire pediatric oncology field.  “The Sam Day foundation is central to cc-TDI’s mission in so many ways, but especially the flagship CureFast program,” says Charles Keller, cc-TDI Scientific Director.

The Sam Day Foundation (SDF) and cc-TDI are Portland-area organizations with complementary national and international impact.  The first projected by SDF founders Lorna and Bob Day was a pilot of a quail-egg based childhood tumor drug testing platform, soon to be reported in the literature.  Sam’s story of resilience also became the inspiration at the cc-TDI Evening of Inspiration event that year.  Sam Day Foundation later began sponsorship of CureFast began in 2019 with a grant of $153,000. 

SDF has also been an important sponsor of research trainee for the next generation of scientists.  In 2018, the SDF sponsored Sunset High School alumnist and college student Audrey Huelskamp as the Sam Day Summer Intern, resulting in a co-authored scientific paper.  In 2019, the Day family not only sponsored 2019 high school intern Emma Rens, but also welcomed her to their home.

The SDF educational mission has also included patient and family empowerment.  Sam’s mother and SDF Executive Director Lorna Day participated and supported the 2018 cc-TDI Pediatric Cancer Nanocourse, but also hosted the 2019 Nanocourse, “our best Nanocourse yet,” said Andy Woods, cc-TDI Senior Research Scientist and father of childhood cancer survivor, Stellablue.

The Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute is grateful to the Sam Day Foundation, its founder, Board and community of supporters for the longstanding support and partnership that empower a shared mission to make all childhood cancer universally survivable.    

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