Current Research Project

The Functional Genomics of Wilms’ Tumor

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Approximately 500 new cases of Wilms’ tumor are diagnosed each year in North America alone, making Wilms’ tumor the most common kidney cancer discovered in children. While the majority of these patients are cured, children with the anaplastic subtype of the disease do not respond well to current therapies, and a strong need therefore exists to develop more promising treatment options for these children.

For cc-TDI’s current Wilms’ tumor study, our goal is to provide a strong rationale for a new drug combination which might be more effective against anaplastic disease. To this end, we are building a collection of Wilms’ tumor study resources and collecting functional data from drug screens and genetic sequencing assays. By combining this gathered data, we are discovering new disease targets and promising drug combinations geared specifically to children with the anaplastic variant of Wilms’ tumor.

For the second phase of our study, we will validate our most promising proposed drug combination, providing a strong rationale for the use of this combination in a clinical setting for patients with anaplastic Wilms’ tumor. Within this pre-clinical validation portion of our study, we will employ our extensive knowledge and experience with in vitro assays, our automated ex ovo quail egg CAM assay, and an in vivo mouse study.

Our Wilms’ tumor studies are led by Andy Woods, dad to Stellablue Woods, who was diagnosed with anaplastic Wilms’ tumor when she was just 4 years old. Andy brings the motivation of an impassioned father to our study, and is inspired by his personal experience with pediatric cancer to bring about better treatment options for children like his daughter.

For more information about our Wilms’ tumor study, contact Andy Woods at

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