Current Research Project

Be a Dog’s Best Friend, Help a Child

Sponsored by MIB Agents

To make it better for children & young adults with osteosarcoma, cc-TDI is exploring the types of non-chemotherapy drugs that re-program osteosarcoma tumor cells to stop growing – or cease to exist. This is a 2-step project: first we define which classes of drugs have the desired activity as single agents – then we find the right 2-drug combination to move into clinical trials.

​We have a fabulous partner team in this project – the group that treats pet dogs with osteosarcoma at Colorado State University. Dogs like George pictured above get osteosarcoma for no known reason – they are real patients, and so developing treatments for human osteosarcoma will help these patients, too! Using human and canine osteosarcoma cells, obtained from surgeries or legacy gifts (research autopsies) we will find the most effective drug combination for all three species and do a clinical trial ‘test run’ in dogs.

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